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Our Recipients

The Colton Norrell Fund

Colton diagnosed with immature teratoma brain tumor at age 11 weeks. He underwent 2 brain resection surgeries. He completed 6 rounds of chemo. Started rehab continuously.  He was doing well for about 6 months until he started to have some seizures back in October 2016. Since then he has tried multiple medications, cannabinol and ketogenic diet. Nothing has helped his seizures. Still on 5 seizure medications. In July 2017 Colton was diagnosed with Lennox gastaut syndrome. (Which means he is have 5-7 types of seizures all throughout his brain every 10 seconds) we found out he is not a candidate for seizures surgery. So they discussed a VNS Therapy. (Vagus Nerve Stimulator) its like a pacemaker but for the brain. A battery generator is placed under the skin and a wire  is connected from that and into the vagus nerve. He had that placed on October 11 2017. It is being monitored by a epileptologists. Every few weeks we go in and get the dose setting bumped up until we find our right dose. So now we just wait to see if this helps. As Colton continues to grow and his brain changes. They told me that his seizures could possibly change and last for a lot longer. So we just hope that this will control his seizures so he can developmentally. 

The Keira Grace Foundation

The Keira Grace Foundation was formed in January, 2004 by Drs. Michael and Eileen Lauzardo after the death of their daughter, Keira Grace, from Leukemia. A partnership has been developed between this foundation and the pediatric oncology departments of the University of Florida and the National Pediatric Hospital in Santo Domingo, Dominican Republic. The goals of this partnership include raising funds to build treatment facilities, improving medical training, and increasing the access of Dominican families and their children to all the support necessary to diagnose and treat childhood cancers. For more information on The Keira Grace Foundation, visit

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